Access to Entities

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Access to Entities

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List of improvements and enhancements included into different CAD Importer DLL versions:


April, 2013

CAD Importer DLL 9.1

Processing of splitted line types improved

Bugs fixed

API changes:

oIsDotted field is added to CADEXTENDEDDATA structure

oDashDots field now contains line type elements for polyline-based entities (POLYLINE, LWPOLYLINE, SPLINE, LEADER, CIRCLE, ARC, ELLIPSE)

March, 2013

CAD Importer DLL 9.0

Import of AutoCAD® DWG 2013 file format

Support of following entity types is added:

oTRACE (imported as SOLID)

oOLE2FRAME (imported as IMAGE)

oLEADER (imported as POLYLINE)

October, 2012

CAD Importer DLL 8.2

Bugs fixed

January, 2012

CAD Importer DLL 8.0

Support of Unicode

64-bit support

Export to DXF/HPGL/CGM/SVG/SWF/PDF formats

Processing of the TEXT entity improved

Numerous bugs fixed

New functions added:


July, 2010

DWG 2010 supported (inc. AutoCAD 2011)

Bug fixed

Internal improvements

API changes:

oIn CAD_HATCH entity Count value is changed from number of point to number of Boundaries. Data.Count == Hatch.Boundaries.Count

March, 2007

Double precision applied

AutoCAD™ DWG 2007 file format supported

AutoCAD™ PROXY (including AEC) entities supported

HPGL/HPGL2 file format - Bezier splines supported

DXF loading is optimized for files with big amount of blocks (layers and styles). In some cases speed is increased up to ten times.

API changes:

oFunctions' and constants' prefix 'DXF' was replaced by 'CAD'.

oNew types:

- sgFloat



oDXFDATA structure:

- renamed to CADDATA

- PolyPoints and DashDots fields: type has been changed from LPDXFPOINT to LPFPOINT

- Thickness, Rotation, Radius, StartAngle, EndAngle, Ratio, FHeight, FScale, RWidth, RHeight fields: type has been changed from float to sgFloat

- Point1, Point2, Point3, Point4, Scale fields: type has been changed from DXFPOINT to FPOINT

- new fields added:

int Undefined1

sgFloat Undefined2

sgFloat Undefined3

September, 2006

API changes:

oUnused field in the DXFDATA structure is replaced by CADExtendedData field.

May, 2006

CAD Importer DLL 5.2.5

Viewing of HPGL files became significantly faster. Requirements for memory lowered in 2 .. 10 times.

Support for BigFonts.

SHX support: if the given SHX fonts are not found, the default SHX fonts will be used.

Support for DWG versions 9, 10 and 11.

Forward references in DWG12.

Bugs fixed for PolyFace in DWG12 and for gradient filling in HPGL.

Bugs fixed for DWG/DXF, HPGL, SVG and CGM file formats.

March 2006

API changes:

onEnumAll parameter of the DXFEnum function now has more values:


Before changes:

After changes:

Specifies inclusion of invisible entities:

0 – not include

1 – include

Specifies an entity's enumeration mode (bit-coded):

0 – do not include invisible entities;

1 – include invisible entities;

2 – don’t use “View direction” and “View twist angle” from the current active VPORT.

4 – cut off entities by the rectangular border of the viewports (we recommend to use cutting off by the whole viewport border, see DXF_BEGIN_VIEWPORT)


February 2006

DXF.dll is renamed to CADImporter.DLL

December, 2005: version 5.0

Support of layouts for AutoCAD DWG/DXF and pages for HPGL/HPGL2 file formats added

Support of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format added

Support of Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) file format added

New functions added:






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