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The CADProhibitCurvesAsPoly function defines conversion mode for polylines and for rotated ellipses and arcs.




int CADProhibitCurvesAsPoly(

  HANDLE hObject,

  int nCheckNumber







Identifies a handle to the CAD drawing.


Specifies mode of conversion.

1. If nCheckNumber = 0, then it is prohibited to convert CAD_ELLIPSE to CAD_POLYLINE and Ratio specifies ratio of a minor axis to the major axis, Point1 specifies center point, Point2 specifies endpoint of the major axis relative to the center. Point3, Point4 specify start point and endpoint of the elliptic arc. If Point3 and Point4 are equal, then the entity is an ellipse, else it is elliptic arc.

If nCheckNumber = 1, then CAD_ELLIPSE is converted to CAD_POLYLINE.

2. If nCheckNumber = 0, then incoming polyline is splitted to a row of lines and arcs. Starting the row entity contains the CAD_BEGIN_POLYLINE tag in DXFDATA structure. Then entities go with the CAD_ARC and CAD_LINE tags. Starting the row entity contains the CAD_END_POLYLINE tag.

If nCheckNumber = 1, then polyline is returned as an entity with the CAD_POLYLINE tag in the CADDATA structure and with a row of the CADPOINT points in DashDots. Pairs of these points form polyline.



Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value is nonzero.

If the function fails, the return value is zero. To get extended error information, call CADGetLastError.



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