CADSoftTools has released a new product for software developers - CADEditorX.

It allows integrating CAD technologies into user applications very fast thanks to the uniquely easy-to-use XML interface that contains a single function and a single event.

Download CADEditorX:



Web page:


CADEditorX is:

  • a powerful CAD editor for work with 2D DWG, DXF, 3D STEP, IGES as well as PDF and dozens of other vector and raster formats that doesn’t require AutoCAD or any other external applications;
  • user and royalty free licensing;
  • an interface containing a single function and a single event that work with xml parameters which reduces time to get acquainted with the library and allows starting to work with it immediately;
  • C++, Visual Basic, C#, Delphi, HTML, MS Office and even 1С examples!
  • Dozens of ready-made examples of code that illustrate implementation of the most important features like programmatic and visual editing of entities, import and export to different file formats, interface customization, work with object IDs and lots of other ones;
  • CADEDitorX is ideal to be integrated into databases.

CADEditorX appearance:

Here is an example of XML code to add a line and a text:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<cadsofttools version="2">
  <!-- The following line adds a text. -->
    <cstText Text="CADSoftTools" Point="0.5, 0.5" Height="1"/>  
  <!-- The following line adds a line. -->
    <cstLine point="0,0,0" Point1="10,0,0"/>  


After executing the function with this XML, we’ll get the following result:

API for other functions works in the same way.

The software package includes dozens of examples that can be edited and run from a convenient XML editor:

You can see a list of examples in the left part of the screenshot and their code in the right one. Please, have a look at the section How to that gives answers to the most common questions

CADEditorX is based on COM / ActiveX, thanks to which it can be used in Internet Explorer and in MS Office applications.


CADEditorX isn’t the only library by CADSoftTools; besides it, the company offers the following SDK:

CAD VCL – to read and write DWG / DXF in Delphi

CAD Import .NET – CAD in C#, VB.NET

CAD Importer DLL – access to DWG / DXF entities in C++, C#, Delphi and other languages – a free iframe plugin for viewing dwg on your website!

With best wishes,
CADSoftTools Team
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